Teekkari sauna

NB! When using teekkarisauna, make sure the users in the sauna are following the Regional State Administrative Agencies and the government’s guidelines. The participats should be encouraged to good hand hygiene, there is disinfectant available in the sauna.

The association’s teekkari sauna Mörrimöykky was built as a joint effort in 1992 with support from several companies. Since then this urban wilderness sauna has served the university community with its juicy steams and intimate sausage grilling sessions in front of the fireplace. The sauna is located next to the campus in Hervanta.

There is enough room for even a bigger bunch of sauna-goers and the spacious adjacent space is ideal for having meetings before or after sauna. The terrace offers a cooling spot to catch some fresh air amid the hot steam. Naturally, the sauna features all modern conveniences. There is a computer, a video projector, stereo and a plug for personal music players. WLAN is also available for the guests’ disposal. With a separate agreement, guests may also use the tableware.

Booking of Teekkarisauna Mörrimöykky

  • Read the instructions for booking and the rules of the Teekkarisauna. For now only in Finnish.
  • Send an email to the minister of sauna (saunamestari@tampereenteekkarit.fi). Mention the date and the purpose of the event. If you want to use the wood-fired hot tub, mention that also in the email. 
  • Minister of sauna will inform you when the booking is accepted. You may cancel the reservation two week before the event without any additional fees. After that, half of the rent must be paid if the event is cancelled.
  • Keys to the sauna can be collected on event day at 12:00 and must be returned the next day before 09:00. Both happens at the reception desk of Student Union of Tampere (Hervanta).

Prices (starting 23.1.2019)

  • Teekkari price 350 €
  • Partnership price 400 €
  • Others 500 €
  • Hot tub 70 €

For teekkari price sauna can be booked by members of the Teekkari Union of Tampere. An individual teekkari may only rent the sauna at a teekkari price for their graduation (Master of Science or doctoral degree) (within two months of graduation). For partnership price sauna can be booked by close partners of the teekkari union, like the university or the student union.  If you do not qualify for those prices, you can still book the sauna for the price of 500 euros. 

The instructions & the rules

Hot tub takes about 5-6 hours to warm up. Instructions are given when the keys are being picked up.