Minister of Corporate Relations


my name is Anna-Reetta and this year I am the Minister of Corporate Relations on the board of the Teekkari Union of Tampere.

As the name of my position says, I am responsible for corporate relations and co-operations in our Teekkari Union. Teekkari Union receives income from annual deals and event advertising. In addition to these, a significant part of our income consists of advertisement sales of Wappu which includes for example sponsor income of Teekkari dipping.

My year started with nominating Wappu’s sales group and observing that the group was able to start the sales. I met regularly with the Wappu’s sales group and monitored the progress of sales throughout the advertisement sales project. I did some advertisement selling in the process too and I innovated some co-operation options to Lakitus.

I have done similar things with guilds co-operation responsible. Most of my days have been emailing, phone calls, reminding of emails, success, disappointments and, then success again. The most important question of corporate relations of Teekkari Union is “What it could be?”. In my position, I have innovated everything new. This year, a new form of corporate co-operation is the Investment Afternoon, and it will be held at the end of November.

In addition to co-operations, I have acted as a link between Teekkari Union and our alumni association. At the beginning of the year, we had a meeting with the alumni association and guilds’ alumni responsible. We are planning to arrange another one at the end of this year.

In the Teekkari Union, we have done projects together. The action plan that guides our operations includes several different projects that we have worked on together during the year. For example, I have tendered the contracts with the Minister of Financial and the whole board has worked with a strategy of Teekkari Union of Tampere.