Teekkari Union of Tampere is a link to the people who have studied technology in Tampere. The association will continue the activities of the TUT Alumni. You can participate our alumni actions if you have studied, graduated from or worked at TUT or it’s predecessors. There will be an email list for alumni which will provide up-to-date information on the association’s activities and alumni events!

The alumni activities can be supported by paying a subsidy for alumni. The amount of the fee will be decided annually at the council meeting.

Guilds' alumni unions or alumni responsibles

Automaatiotekniikan kilta ry

Guild’s alumni union: Killan alumniyhdistys: TTY Automaatioalumni ry
Union board’s email: automaatioalumni(at)

Bioteekkarikilta Bioner ry

Guild’s alumni responsible: Jenna Suoranta
Alumni responsible’s email: alumni(at)

Teknis-luonnontieteellinen kilta Hiukkanen ry

Guild’s alumni responsible: Hiukkasen alumni ry
Alumni responsible’s email: hiukkasenalumniry(at)

Tuotantotalouden kilta Indecs ry

Guild’s alumni responsible: Jonna Auvinen
Alumni responsible’s email: alumni(at)

Koneenrakentajakilta ry

Guild’s alumni responsible: Ossi Laitinen
Alumni responsible’s email: ossi.laitinen(at)

Tietojohtajakilta Man@ger ry

Guild’s alumni union: Tampereen teknillisen yliopiston alumni ry
Union’s website:

Materiaali-insinöörikilta ry

Guild’s alumni union: Materiaalialumni ry
Union board’s email: hallitus(at)

Sähkökilta ry

Guild’s alumni union: Sähkökillan alumni ry
Union’s website:

Tampereen Arkkitehtikilta ry

Guild’s alumni responsible: Vilja Tuohisto-Kokko
Alumni responsible’s email: vilja.tuohisto-kokko(at)

Tampereen Rakentajakilta ry

Guild’s alumni responsible: Iida Karjalainen
Alumni responsible’s email: iida.karjalainen(at)

Tampereen TietoTeekkarikilta ry

Guild’s alumni union: Tampereen TietoTeekkarien Alumnit, TITTU ry
Union board’s email:

Ympäristöteekkarikilta ry

Guild’s alumni union: Ympäristö- ja energiatekniikan diplomi-insinöörit ry
Union board’s email: