There are two kinds of member organizations of Tampereen Teekkarit ry. Members and endorsement members. More info about the member services from here! 

Only a guild or international engineering students club based in Tampere can be accepted as an actual member. New members are accepted by Teekkari council. More information about being a member from minister of organizations, jarjestomestari(at)  

Any association interested in the activities of Tampereen Teekkarit can be accepted as an endorsement member. The board of Teekkari union accepts the endorsement members on the grounds of a written application. 

How to apply as an endorsement member? 

  • Membership is yearly, and it’s valid from 1.8. to 31.7. 
  • Members are accepted by the board of Teekkari union. Written applications are sent to halitus(at)  
  • The application has to include the name of the association applying, email address, and a brief reasoning behind applying. 
  • Endorsement membership fee is 200€ per year. 

Inquiries regarding endorsement membership can be addressed to the minister of organizations, jarjestomestari(at)  

The founders

  • Guild of Automation Technology
  • Guild of Biotechnology
  • Guild of Science and Engineering
  • Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Guild of Mechanical Engineering
  • Guild of of Knowledge and Information Management
  • Guild of Material Science and Engineering
  • Guild of Electrical Engineering
  • Guild of Architecture
  • Guild of Civil Engineering
  • Guild of Information Technology
  • Guild of Environmental and Energy Technology

Other members

  • Exergia
  • Herwannan Rento ry
  • Interaktiivisen musiikkinäytelmän yhdistys NääsPeksi ry
  • Rankat Ankat
  • Tampereen Akateemiset Laulajat ry
  • Tampereen akateeminen roolipelikerho Excalibur ry
  • Tampereen Teekkarien PerinneSeura ry
  • Tampereen Teekkarien Signaalinkäsittelyn ja Tietoliikenne-elektroniikan perinneseura, TeLE ry
  • TEA-club
  • TTY Alumni ry
  • Uranaisten Opiskelijaseura
  • Wappulehti Tamppi