The teekkari council

Teekkari council is the highest decision-making authority of Tampereen Teekkarit ry. Each member organization appoints three representatives and three alternatives, totaling 39+39 representatives.  

Teekkari council meets at least twice a year. Usually, three to four meetings are held. In the meetings, for example the action plans, annual reports, budgets, and final accounts are being accepted. The council also selects the board of Teekkari union and guides it in it’s work. Other things handled in the council are bigger projects and the strategy of the association or awarding medals of honor. 

As a member of a guild or INTO, you are welcome to attend the meetings of teekkari council! Meeting days are also common teekkari cap usage days! 

Interested in being a representative in Teekkari council? 

Being a representative is an easy way to impact the activites of Tampereen Teekkarit. Any member of a guild or INTO can be a representative. Each guild and INTO has freedom to choose the way of choosing it’s representatives, so be in contact with your guilds/clubs board!