The board

The council of the Teekkari Union of Tampere appoints a board for a calendar year. The board uses its own authority to manage affairs.

The duties of the board are:

  • to lead the association according to the rules and decisions and represent the association
  • to manage finances and administration of the association
  • to prepare the issues discussed at meetings
  • to make an action plan and report of the association as well as budget and financial statements
  • to select necessary staff and working groups and monitor their activities
  • to inform member organizations about the decisions of the board and association meetings

Members of the board 2020:

The board can be reached at hallitus(at)


  • Olga Teräväinen
  • puheenjohtaja(at)

Minister of Finance

  • Roosa Mäkitalo
  • talousmestari(at)

Minister of Organizations

  • Sandra Mäki-Tulokas
  • jarjestomestari(at)

Minister of Fuksis

  • Elli Ruokonen
  • fuksimestari(at)

Minister of Teekkaris

  • Ville-Pekka Frantsi
  • teekkarimestari(at)

Minister of Culture

  • Jenna Suoranta
  • kulttuurimestari(at)

Minister of Communications

  • Marja Vilkko
  • viestintamestari(at)

Minister of Corporate Relations

  • Patrik Rajala
  • yritysmestari(at)


Sauna Master

  • Leevi Kuutti
  • saunamestari(at)

Previous boards:

Members of the board null (fall 2018)
  • Riina Ulkuniemi (Hiukkanen) the chair
  • Adam Zeidan (Skilta) secretary
  • Joel Hakulinen (Skilta)
  • Nella Rajala (TamArk)
  • Valtteri Yli-Karro (TiTe)