The Teekkari Union of Tampere maintains and develops teekkari culture in Tampere. The union’s most important areas of responsibility are:

  • teekkari sauna
  • Wappu traditions such as the Capping and Teekkari Dipping
  • teekkari caps
  • the anniversaries of teekkaris in Tampere

The association was established on 5th of May 2018. The highest decision-making power in the association uses the council in which each founding member has three representatives.

The founders

  • Guild of Automation Technology
  • Guild of Biotechnology
  • Guild of Science and Engineering
  • Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Guild of Mechanical Engineering
  • Guild of of Knowledge and Information Management
  • Guild of Material Science and Engineering
  • Guild of Electrical Engineering
  • Guild of Architecture
  • Guild of Civil Engineering
  • Guild of Information Technology
  • Guild of Environmental and Energy Technology