Wappu secretary? Member of the Teekkari Section? Apply now!

Are you having trouble thinking about what to do next year? Are you a teekkari? Do you love events – or maybe especially Wappu? Say no more!

Teekkari Union of Tampere are searching for

  • enthusiastic teekkaris for the Teekkari Section
  • two (2) employees as in wappu secretaries

This time applying are done with one form; you can express your interest in one or both tasks! Read more below!

Fill the application here!

Apply before the 12th of January at 23:59!

To the Teekkari Section?

This year, the Teekkari section will organize a wide range of teekkari related activities, such as tempaus events, singing events and sitsis. In this section, you will get valuable experience of organizing events, lots of new contacts and good friends. Being a part of the Teekkari section is a great opportunity to organize your own ideas on a big scale, to develop your organizational skills and to develop valuable cultural heritage among the teekkari people of Tampere.

Give your expertise to teekkaris of Tampere and experience an unforgettable year!

Any member of the member organizations of Teekkari Union of Tampere who is interested in the teekkari culture or making dreams come true can apply. Unfortunately, the Teekkari section is closed for fuksis, because they are just beginning to learn the secrets of the teekkari culture. The main working language of the section is Finnish. For more information about the section contact Julius Haapakoski or Ville-Pekka Frantsi (teekkarimestari(at)tampereenteekkarit.fi)

More about sectors

Annual gala

Annual gala coordinators, along with the minister of culture, are responsible for organizing the anniversary party of Teekkari Union of Tampere.


Event coordinators are responsible for organizing the events of the Teekkari section. There’re traditional events such as family sitsis, pre-Christmas cruise and lakinlaskijaiset (the party where teekkaris lay their cap to winter rest) but it’s also very important to execute new and fresh ideas.


Culture coordinators are responsible for managing the Teekkari museum and organizating teekkari tempaus -events (events that aim to raise public awareness of a certain important issue, in a teekkari fashion, with a twinkle in the eye).

Singing culture

The singing culture of the teekkari union is led by the presentor of the Teekkari section. They arrange singing education for other people interested in teekkari songs and organize other events related to singing. The presentor also leads songs in the annual gala and other sitsis of the teekkari union.


The communication coordinator helps the minister of communication to make the section’s events and the section itself known amongst teekkaris. Tasks include e.g. making of facebook events and posters.

As a Wappu Secretary?

Teekkari Union of Tampere is looking for two (2) wappu secretaries to organize the first teekkari wappu of the union!

Wappu secretaries will organize the teekkari events of wappu: putting the cap to Kultakutri, Fuksi parade, and Teekkari dipping. Working with this project requires fluent Finnish skills. If you have any questions on the project, don’t hesitate to contact Riina Ulkuniemi or Jenna Suoranta (kulttuurimestari(at)tampereenteekkarit or on Telegram @rintinq / @Jensba)