WAPPU REVELATION 12.4. 4 pm- AND WAPPU 15.4.–1.5.2021

Finland’s largest Wappu will be celebrated again from 15 April to 1 May. nor would Wappu be anything without 12.4. Wappu revelation to be organized! Wappu is a more than two-week event chimney organized by TREY for all university students, which includes a traditional event tour, or TeemuTour. At Wappu revelation, you can learn more about Wappu, such as the exact program and Wappu events. So, come to the traditional Wappu celebrities! The broadcast is sent to stream, meaning you don’t want to miss this!

More information about the celebrities can be found behind this link.

More information about Finland’s largest Wappu can be found on TREY’s website.

LAKITUS 30.4.2021 10:15 p.m

You can again raise your teekkari cap on your head, accompanied by the Teekkari hymn while enjoying some sparkles on 1.5. at 00:00! The capping will take place online on stream this year. Come watch the epic spectacle as the evening dims from 10:15 p.m onwards. The evening will comprise of several different kinds of programs. The atmosphere rises to the ceiling when the clock strikes midnight, when teekkari lakkis are raised and worn again. The mood of the evening can be shared on Instagram by tagging @tampereenteekkarit and adding the tag #lakitus2021. Please keep in mind the meeting recommendations issued by the regional government agency when watching the event.

Facebook event is here.

Read more about the Wappu traditions of teekkars here.


Fuksi parade and Teekkari dipping are moved to fall due to current covid 19- situation. Fuksi parade and Teekkari dipping will be held on 11.9.2021. More information later! Read more about the Wappu traditions of teekkars here.