Minister of Communications


I’m Hanna, 4th year architecture student and our Minister of Communications. My job is to update our social medias and website. I am also the secretary in the board meetings, and I stream the Teekkari Council meetings. On top of those I make our graphics i.e., overall badges and posters.

The great thing about being the minister of communications is that I get to work together with everyone. I don’t organize events or write articles myself; I just get them to our website or create the visual looks. I like that my job isn’t always the same. The last weeks I have made lots of graphics to our anniversary party. Anniina, our Minister of Culture, asks me to create something, like a facebook banner and then I do it like I want. Today I have been posting a lot to our website, as I have been creating these pages to introduce our board.

As a Minister of Communications, I have the freedom to decide what I want to do. We have a good communication plan but that leaves room to play. I have been doing lots of visual things, but that is not the only way to do this. The next minister can make this their own!