Want to participate?

Teekkarisauna Mörrimöykky is located in Hervanta in the immediate vicinity of the campus. The sauna is used by teekkari guilds and clubs in Tampere, whose members include more than 5,000 technical students, and there are many times more as alumni. The sauna was built in 1992 with donations and volunteer work, and now 30 years later it is time for renovation and possible expansion.

In addition to worn surfaces, the biggest problems identified at Teekkarisauna are related to bathrooms and moisture management, as well as deficiencies in building technology in terms of electricity, air conditioning and heating. In addition, the sauna is very cramped and does not serve those with reduced mobility. The aim is to fix these and many other problems as well as upgrade Teekkarisauna to the 2020s.

The necessary architectural and engineering designers have been included in the project, but there is still a lack of contractors and materials. So, let’s get involved in creating the Teekkarisauna of the future, right?

Contact the project team via email:

jusa.pietila @ teekkarisauna.fi
lauri.sahramaa @ teekkarisauna.fi
aleksi.jokela @ teekkarisauna.fi
nella.rajala @ teekkarisauna.fi