Teekaripassi is part of an ongoing effort to improve the reward culture of the Teekkari Union of Tampere. One can gather points in the Teekkaripassi through different event nakkis, positions of responsibility and other activities. Points are registered with the form below. Multiple same tasks can grant you multiple points for that task during the year.

Those who have gathered enough points will be awarded a tassel, which can for example be displayed on your overalls. There are three different kinds of tassels: 15 points for a black one, 30 points for a silvery one and 50 points for a golden one. The points are cumulative from year to year. The next tassels will be given in september 2022.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Minister of Organizations via email jarjestomestari(at)tampereenteekkarit.fi or via Telegram @DjChickenMcPete.

Please note, that for each submission of the form you must use the exact same name. More information about the points can be found in the form below.

A nakki means doing something extra to help others, such as serving, cleaning, standing at a stand, or working as an event helper, which, however, is not entirely just about handling one’s own board position.