Minister of Teekkaris

This year I, a fifth-year environmental engineering student named Marikki, have been Minister of Teekkaris. The most important responsibilities of Minister of Teekkaris are Teekkari Section, the teekkari cap of Tampere and relations to other teekkari cities in Finland.

Teekkari Section arranges events for whole teekkari community and does different kinds of cultural things, such as maintains singing culture and arranges etiquette education events and tempaus events. Minister of Teekkaris is the chair of Teekkari Section and is a link between Teekkari Section and the board of Teekkari Union. Teekkari Section arranges sertain events annually, such as Pre-Christmas Cruise and sitsis. Besides arranging these, the job of Minister of Teekkaris has unlimited possibilities to arrange new events with Teekkari Section.

Minister of Teekkaris is also responsible for the Teekkari cap of Tampere. Together with Minister of Finances, I take care of ordering caps for fuksis and for older students as well. Around Wappu, I organize  delivering the caps to fuksis through guilds. During winter time, Minister of Teekkaris grants permissions to wear teekkari cap.

Of other teekkari cities in Finland, Otaniemi (Aalto University) is most close to us. In Otaniemi, there is also a Teekkari Section which is very similar to ours in Tampere. Both Teekkari Sections meet each other at least twice a year and we arrange Wappuvaihto events both ways: teekkaris of Tampere visit Otaniemi for a day and we get a reciprocal visitors from Otaniemi to Tampere during Wappu. I also keep in touch with other teekkari cities, which includes Lappeenranta, Oulu, Turku and Vaasa. This year we got to all arrange an event together, as Wappuvaihto was arranged via Twitch and it was possible to “visit” all these cities in one day.

Besides these responsibilities, I naturally attend to the daily operations of Teekkari Union of Tampere, by the meetings of the board and by action plan projects. A cool thing about the job of Minister of Teekkaris is that one can truly advance teekkari culture: the events, singing culture, teekkari museum and tempaus- and jäynäculture. And one does not have to work alone, for people in Teekkari Section also work with all these subjects, but the Minister of Teekkaris has also a chance to “get their hands dirty” arranging events or other stuff, if one wants so.