The Teekkari Wappu in Tampere begins with the unveiling of the Tamppi magazine and lasts about two weeks. Wappu culminates in traditional events, the biggest and most visible of which include putting the cap on the Suomi neito statue and the teekkari immersion ritual in the Tammerkoski rapids.

Teekkari Dipping

All the fuksis in Tampere have been through Teekkari Dipping from the beginning of days. It started out as a random idea, but as years have passed and more people are taking part, it is a major Wappu event in Tampere nowadays.

In 1966 fuksis of the guild of electrical engineering got the idea to build a huge basket in which the teekkaris could be dipped. The basket was named Amontillado and the first fuksis were dipped.

The teekkari dipping is the highlight of Wappu and the most visible part of teekkari culture in Tampere. Fuksis can call themselves teekkaris not until they have been dipped in Tammerkoski.

The capping

Lakitus will be done on the night between the 30th and the 1st, right after midnight. this is the time when you are allowed to put your teekkaricap on your head for the first time this year. Teekkari cap will be put on at the same time as the the capwill be put on statue. after this, if you don’t want to get wet, watch out for the sparkles!

Teekkari hymn is also sang during the capping. In the first verse the cap is held on right shoulder, in the second verse the cap will be raised high in the air and in the beginning of the third verse the cap can be worn.

Jäynät (pranks)

People often ask how to manage a successful or even perfect jäynä. The definition of a good jäynä and a recipe for success are not only boring but also impossible to give. A teekkari jäynä lives in the present, and what’s funny today may not have been decades earlier.

Creating jäynäs is fun but the person making them should be careful in the planning stages to avoid any problems. Jäynä may not be in any way illegal or cause any legal actions. It is also worth remembering that not everyone will share your sense of humour.

Tampere jäynä competition

More information on jäynäs

The official rules of the Tampere jäynä competition (in Finnish)

Fuksi category

PerinneSeura organizes Tampere jäynä competition every year. The fuksi category defines the order of the teekkari dipping.

The fuksi category is a big and important part of the Tampere jäynä competition even though time-wise it is only a fraction of the competition. The fuksi category is a two-week effort before and during Wappu.

Härweli and fuksi parade

Fuksi parade starts from Sorinaukio and ends to Koskenranta. It marks the start of queuing to the dipping. Fuksis are organized by guilds, and they carry or push their Härweli. Härweli is something, and anything, self-made that is somehow funny, current or teekkari related. Best Härwelis are rewarded. During the parade there is also a competition of making the most noise, so fuksis are singing sitsisongs or shouting different cheers as loud as possible.