Anniversary galas and sitsis

Anniversary galas

A couple of times a year, teekkaris dress up and celebrate at annual galas. The annual gala dress code is black tie or dark suit for men and full-length evening gown for women and academic decorations.

Party etiquette is observed at annual galas. However, the idea is not to be stiff and stuffy but to have a fun evening. Before the main event there is a cocktail reception for invited guests during which various groups and entities honour the organising body by presenting traditionally large, heavy and useless gifts. However, most of the guests do not arrive until the main event. The welcome drink is followed by the dinner during which loud schnapps songs are sung. Various speeches are given between courses. Coffee and digestive are followed by dance which continues in the after-party often followed by another after-party at dawn complete with sauna. The grandest affairs end in brunch the following morning.


Sitsi is a smaller and less formal occasion. They are organised by guilds and clubs  both in  celebration of their anniversaries and fun theme sitsis. The dress code at sitsis is smart casual, no black tie necessary. Men wear pressed trousers and a jacket, although a dark suit would not necessarily go amiss at anniversary sitsis. Women can wear a trouser suit or skirt/dress of any length. Theme sitsis obviously call for theme attire.

The Tampere sitsi tradition includes good food, abundant drink and plenty of singing. A buffet is often served at sitsis and depending on the occasion or theme, programme numbers, speeches, gift-giving and even dance, if it’s an anniversary, may occur amid dining. This party does not end before sunrise. Freshmen get to practice sitsis at special fuksi sitsis in the autumn and spring.