The Teekkari cap

The most visible teekkari insignia is the teekkari cap. The jaunty tasselled cap was adopted from Sweden by students of technology towards the end of the 19th century. Following various developments, there are now four different versions in use: the conical version of the Oulu teekkaris, the heptagonal cap of the Lappeenranta teekkaris, the round cap of the Turku teekkaris and the hexagonal cap used by the Otaniemi and Tampere teekkaris.

Use of Tampere teekkari cap

Tampere teekkaris put their cap on on the night of 30 April when the Suomen neito statue also receives a cap. The cap may be used freely in the summer until it is laid to winter rest on 30 September. In the winter, the cap may only be used with special permission. The teekkari cap is an almost holy object to teekkaris. However, it is not intended to be kept on the shelf but to be used frequently and with dignity.
You may apply for a permission to use the teekkari cap by filling out the electronic form at the bottom of the page and sending it to the board member in charge of teekkari affairs or the Secretary General. The teekkari cap is a trademark and thus may not be used by others for commercial purposes, for example.

Ordering of teekkari caps

Teekkari caps are fitted, ordered and paid during the academic year. A cap ordered and paid early is cheaper than one paid at the last minute. The fittings are handled at Paula’s desk in the student union office. Teekkari cap is available for degree students and exchange students that are studying a whole academic year in Finland. To get teekkari cap on Wappu you are required to have 300 fuksi points. Students’ that have less than 300 fuksipoints will get their teekkari caps after Mother’s Day (mid May)
Note! Once the cap has been ordered, you can not change to a different size, so be careful when fitting. The order is binding.
Order teekkari cap here.

Application for permission to use the cap

If you need to use your teekkari cap between 1 October and 30 April, please fill out the form. Explain the reason for the need to use the cap, such as an excursion or a promotional trip.
You will receive a reply to your application within a couple of days via email.

Fill the application here