Teekkari Dipping order

Schedule for Teekkari Dipping on 11.9. 

The traditional Teekkari Dipping will be organized on Saturday 11.9.2021 12-18.  

We ask that you remain at home and follow the dipping from the stream at teekkarikaste.fi. If you insist on seeing your own guild’s, friend’s or relative’s dipping, please follow the event from the west bank of the Tammerkoski. 

The link to the stream where you can follow the entire event: teekkarikaste.fi 

Here is an estimated schedule for when each guild is going to be dipped: 

12:00 Superfuksis 

12:05 KoRK 1st group 

12:20 KoRK 2nd group 

12:40 Man@ger 

13:00 Hiukkanen 

13:20 Indecs 

13:40 TamArk 

13:55 TiTe 1st group 

14:15 TiTe 2nd group 

14:35 Autek 

14:55 YKI 

15:20 Bioner 

15:35 MIK 

15:50 TARAKI 1st group 

16:05 TARAKI 2nd group 

16:20 Skilta 1st group 

16:40 Skilta 2nd group 
16:55 INTO 

Please only stay to watch the dipping of your friends and family and only if you are healthy. Please wear a face mask in the audience and maintain a safe distance to other people. 

The fuksis to be dipped will receive thorough instruction on when and how to arrive at the dipping. The traditional fuksi parade will not be organized this year. Instead, fuksis will travel to Koskenranta by tram free of charge sponsored by Nysse. 

Media contact:  

Anniina Morelius