Teekkari Dipping 12.9.

Teekkari dipping will be organized on Saturday 12.9. starting at 12:00.

There will be special arrangements necessitated by the current situation. The event area will be closed off and only participants and event staff are allowed to enter the area. Guilds will receive a schedule about their dipping times and should arrive at the event area following that schedule. This way the amount of participants can be controlled and sufficient distance between attendees can be guaranteed for safety reasons.

Any audience members will be guided to the other side of Tammerkoski. To ensure that there is enough space to keep a safe distance between audience members we ask that people only stay for the dipping of their family members, friends or guild and leave the Koskipuisto area after that.

The security staff have been instructed to monitor the crowd’s size and to clear the area if necessary. The beginning half of the dipping will be live streamed online.

We will announce the dipping schedule on Friday 11.9. following the results of Jäynäkisa.

A map of the event area: