Teekkari Section’s Stem Cell Registry -tempaus

Teekkari Section’s Stem Cell Registry -tempaus is here in June!

Teekkari Sections Stem Cell Registry -tempaus is organized to encourage young adults to join the Stem Cell Registry and spread knowledge about it.

Blood stem cell transplants are used in the treatment of diseases like leukaemia. The purpose of a stem cell transplant is to replace the cancer patient’s malignant cells with healthy stem cells. In many cases, a stem cell transplant is the patient’s last hope when nothing else has worked.

For a third of patients in need of a stem cell transplant, a suitable donor is found from among the patient’s immediate family, rendering an unnamed donor unnecessary. However, for many patients, no donor with a suitable tissue type can be found in the patient’s immediate family, whereby the international registry is searched for a suitable individual. The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service maintains the Finnish Stem Cell Registry, which contains information on volunteers who have committed to donating blood stem cells to patients in need of such cells.

Those who wish to join the Stem Cell Registry should be aged between 18 and 35 and in good basic health.

During June, we recommend you follow our Instagram account @tampereenteekkarit and Stem Cell Registry -tempaus Facebook-event! We will share information about the registry and for example, how you can help.

We would also like to share your stories regarding the Stem Cell Registry! You can participate the tempaus in social media by for example

  • telling about your own experience as a donor or receiver of stem cells
  • telling about you joining the Stem Cell Registry
  • encouraging others to join the Stem Cell Registry for example, by sharing posts of this tempaus or posts from Veripalvelu

By using the hashtag #KSRtempaus and mentioning @tampereenteekkarit on Instagram, we can share your posts on our Instagram-stories!

More information about the Stem Cell Registry can be found on Blood Service’s website, their Facebook account, on Instagram @veripalvelu and on their Youtube channel.

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