Teekkari Section’s Etiquette Educations of autumn 2021

What are sitsis and how do you behave there? 

How, where and when is the teekkari cap used? 

What is the dress code for a black tie event? 

How does a teekkari sing? 

You can get an answer to these and many other questions when the Teekkari Section organizes its traditional Etiquette Education! This autumn, Teekkari Section’s Etiquette Education is held on two occasions: in Finnish on Monday the 25th of October at 4 pm in TB103 at Tietotalo and in English on 8th of November at 3 pm in the same place. 

At the Etiquette Education you will learn how a teekkari behaves honorably and properly at different events and a lot more about the teekkari culture! During the meeting you will see what different dress codes actually mean and will be able to ask tricky questions about everything regarding sitsis and teekkari customs. At the education you can also get last minute hints for the international sitsis! 

The Etiquette Education is perfect for you if you wish to gather more fuksipoints to your fuksi passport and hope to gain amazing experiences from events without worrying about the etiquette! 


What? Teekkari Section’s Etiquette Education 
When? 25th of October at 4 pm or 8th on November at 3 pm 
Where? TB103 in Tietotalo 
Why? Teekkari culture and fuksipoints are precious 
FB?: in English: https://fb.me/e/2CwNtLkOw 
        in Finnish: https://fb.me/e/49uifuUU4