The chair of the board

This year the board of Teekkari Union of Tampere has been led by me, Roosa, a sixth-year physics student from Hiukkanen. I was in the board of Teekkari Union of Tampere last year as well, but it is definitely not required to have previous experience from the board of Teekkari Union of Tampere in order to be the chair. However, knowledge on teekkari community and culture in Tampere is definitely an advantage.

As the chair of the Board I have quite a broad field of tasks. I have been the leader of the board, and made sure that everything is done in time. As the name suggests, I have also been the chairperson of our meetings and prepared the agendas for them. In addition, I have prepared Teekkari council meetings, led strategy project and done various other smaller and bigger tasks related to the association and its administration. The chair of the board is also the supervisor of our association’s employees.

The chair of the board represents the association and keeps in touch with stakeholders, such as Tampereen teekkarisäätiö, where I have been the secretary of their board meetings. I have also got a couple of chances to speak to a large audience and to get to know other student actives around Finland. Personally, I applied to this position in order to improve and challenge myself, to which this position has offered an good chance.

Even though the chair of the board of Teekkari Union of Tampere might seem like a very big deal, I would rather say that it has been a very great and enjoyable deal. In this position, it is an advantage to be organized and be able to schedule and handle your tasks and time. There is typically a lot to do, and especially a lot to remember, but it is easy to handle everything, once you find the tools (for me they were a calendar and a to do app) that suit you best.

The best part of being the chairperson is that you get to see the results of the hard work of the board memebers, and of course, you get to be part of the board with a great team and teekkari spirit. Honestly, to me the years in the board of Teekkari Union of Tampere have been the best years that I have had in this university, especially because of the team spirit. I can recommend this position to anyone who has a great interest in teekkari culture, who can handle large entities, and who wants to improve their leadership skills.