Students’ mental health day 22.4.

This year the student’s mental health day is arranged with a theme of Communality and right for help. Teekkari Section is encouraging you to share your own thoughts and experiences on seeking help, and to share your acts on this campaign. The campaign is held on 12-23 April.

Acts on this campaign can be, for example:

  • Shared remote breakfast/ lunch/ coffee break/
  • Shared remote study break
  • Sewing overall badges together remotely
  • Book or movie club remotely
  • Playing videogames together remotely

You can share your thoughts and acts on your Instagram-story, or send them to Tampereen Teekkarit via Instagram direct messages. Remember to tag #HelpWorthy and @tampereenteekkarit on your posts, so we can share them on our Instagram stories!

Teekkari Section is arranging a remote coffee break on Zoom on the main day of the campaign, thursday 22.4. between 9-11 o’clock. Come study with us, sip on your morning coffee or just to chat!

You can read more about the campaign on Nyyti’s website or Instagram-account @nyytiry.