17th of November: Never Stop the Madness Again – Pre Christman Cruise

After a few pre-christmas parties the days go by in a more and more horizontal state. Should this madness end already?

No! Never stop the madness and time to go again! Even though the never-ending November might weigh your body down it is time to get up and join us on the Never Stop the Madness Again – pre-Christmas Cruise! This time we will sail to our lovely southern neighbor Estonia as we enjoy ourselves on the ship Silja Europa. Oh, and the Tax-free is open on the outward journey as well!

Buses depart from Tampere in the afternoon of 17.11. to Helsinki, where Europa leaves the harbor at 18:30. Buses will be back in Tampere on 18.11. in the evening.

The dress code for the cruise is smart casual, without the teekkari cap.

Tickets are available starting 17th September at 12.00 in https://www.matkapojat.fi/teekkarit. One person must book all the passengers of one cabin. The person must have other cabin members’ name and birthday information (dd.mm.yyyy) in the booking phase and credit card / online banking information. The booking site is ONLY IN FINNISH but we will provide instructions in English for the international students.

Ticket prices including busrides and overall badge. The last chance to buy with normal price is 20th October 2019. After that the prices will rise 5 euros per passenger.

C -class cabins:
39e/person in shared 4 member cabin
42e/person in shared 3 member cabin
47e/person in shared 2 member cabin
56e/person in one person cabin

B-class cabins:
42e/person in shared 4 member cabin
45e/person in shared 3 member cabin
50e/person in shared 2 member cabin
65e/person in one person cabin

A -class cabins:
45/person in shared 4 member cabin
49e/person in shared 3 member cabin
59e/person in shared 2 member cabin
86e/person in one person cabin

DeLuxe -class cabins:

99e/person in shared 2 member cabin

168e/person in one person cabin

Executive suites:
168e/person in shared 2 person cabin
298e/person in one person cabin

For an extra cost:
Sunday buffet 34e/person
Sea-breakfast 12e/person
Monday buffet 26e/person

When in trouble contact tt-tj19@lists.tuni.fi