What is going on, minister of communications?

Our new mascot <3 / Power Point template almost ready! / Art block? / New shelves in Loimio!

What is going on – series reports the actions of the teekkari union from the point of view of every single member of the board. First in line is the minister of communications Nella Rajala.

The first one and a half months in the board of Teekkari Union of Tampere have been quite busy! Everyone of us have had a plenty of new things to learn and to find out. We’ve had many, many meetings with the board of the teekkari union, but also with the board of the student union TREY and previous teekkari actors. I have learned so much more about being a teekkari and everything behind the scenes. So glad I started this journey! Luckily, even though we have been busy, the board has had time to get to know each other, have a little fun and organize our new “club room” Loimio.

Then what about my own sector? We used the red and gear -themed brand already last year but I have continued to polish it even more. Next, we’ll start uniting the brand of the fuksi council and the teekkari section to better suit the brand of Teekkari Union of Tampere. This way, it is easier for you to recognize and find all of our events! But have you found all of our information channels already? Let’s check!

Website www.tampereenteekkarit.fi 
Everything you need to know about the events and everything else. Stories about teekkari culture, guide to renting the teekkarisauna, all the contact info etc.

Instagram @tampereenteekkarit
Photos from the events!

Facebook-page Tampereen Teekkarit
Updates when there is something new on the website. Also Facebook events, so you can click your attendance and never miss a thing!

Telegram information channel
Short, teekkari related info messages from the teekkari union, guilds etc. Join here: https://t.me/tampereenteekkarit

Twitter @teekkari
You can tag us in your tweets!

Also remember to check your organizations weekly information messages!

That’s all for now from the communications sector. There have been some problems with the website, but that always happens when starting something new. Next I have planned little introductions of the board members to the Instagram, maybe a little social media competition and ordering a batch of overall patches. Stay tuned!

Waiting for Wappu,