What’s going on, minister of culture?

What’s going on – series reports the actions of the teekkari union from the point of view of every single member of the board. Next in line is the minister of culture Riina Ulkuniemi.

WABU NEVER ENDS! Minister of Culture Riina from Teekkari Union of Tampere says hello!

The year 2019 has started pretty fast, mostly due to my main responsibilities: Wappu’s teekkari events Capping of Kultakutri, Fuksi parade and Teekkari dipping. These events require a lot of security officials, so recruiting them was the first big task. This year, 92 security officials volunteered to guarantee the safety of our events. <3 We also recruited the wappu secretaries to organize our wappu events. However, the role in the whole student union’s Wappu was a big mystery in the beginning of the year.

Wappu team consists of both Student Union of Tampere University TREY’s and Teekkari Union of Tampere’s people. It has been amazing to organize Wappu to all students and to see that so many associations have participated and organized events for everyone. I encourage you to check out the events,  you still have time to earn the Wappulusmu or Wappupyrkyri titles by participating to Teemu tour events. More information about Wappu is available here: https://trey.fi/en/community/wappu

I wish you all the best Biggest Wappu of Finland, and good luck with solving the mysteries you might ran into during Wappu!

Riina ”Iriina Adler” of Mystery Wappu 2019