l Mega Singing Night 26.4.2022

Teekkarisauna is welcoming you again as the traditional Mega Singing Night by the Teekkari Section begins there at 6 pm on Tuesday 26th of April! During the Mega Singing Night, you and your friends get to sing teekkari songs that you have become familiar with in academic table parties and sauna evenings, and you might even learn a new song or two. In addition to the singing, a couple of trivia on songs found in song books are also held in the style of the nostalgic show BumtsiBum. In BumtsiBum, teams compete against each other by guessing and performing songs found in song books. The winners will be awarded! 

Mega Singing Night is also part of the Teemutour, and you can get the stamp by participating in either the singing or BumtsiBum. The stamps are given until 10 pm. The sauna is warm during the whole evening so after getting your stamp you can continue the singing in the sauna. 

Now it’s time to dig up your song books and wolf down generous amounts of song culture. Gather a BumtsiBum team of your friends and head on to Teekkarisauna on Tuesday 26th of April – let’s make Teekkarisauna blare! 

The event is equal to all and free from all kinds of harassment. If you face unpleasant treatment in the event, you can contact TREY’s harassment contact persons via this form https://tinyurl.com/hairintalomake or via email hairinta@trey.fi, hairintamies@trey.fi and hairintanainen@trey.fi