Minister of Culture

This year minister of Culture has been me, 5th year industrial engineering and management student Anniina.

Minister of Culture is in charge of biggest and traditional events of Tampereen Teekkarit. This includes the wappu events of teekkaris in spring and the anniversary party of Teekkari Union of Tampere in autumn. Addition to this minister of Culture is of course active member of board and can do other smaller projects.

Minister of Culture acts as a part of the Wapputeam, which includes member from Tampereen Teekkarit and Trey. To goal is organize the Finlands Biggest Wappu (Suomen suurin wappu). Minister of culture together with Wappu secretaries is especially responsible of teekkari events such as lakitus, fuksi parade and teekkari dipping. Furthermore, Minister of Culture can give effort to whole Wappu as much as wanted. Things that are done in Wappu can be like, cooperation with public officers, planning and working in the events. The most important job for minister of culture is act as project manager and still work as one member of the team.

In the autumn the Minister of Culture will spend time with planning and celebrating the teekkari culture in Tampere with Teekkari Union of Tampere’s anniversary party. At the anniversary party the passage of teekkari culture in Tampere will be celebrated. Like other jobs in the board, this one also doesn’t have to do alone. The work for the anniversary is done together with Teekkatisection anniversary responsible. Teekkari Union of Tampere’s anniversary party is white tie party that leaves now one cold!

To conclude the Minister of Culture work is really project based and sometimes close to the event there might be lot of work for couple weeks. Nevertheless, the work load can always be shared and help asked, so survival is granted!