Minister of Organizations


This year I’ve been the minister of organizations of Teekkari Union of Tampere. Briefly, my job includes keeping in touch with member organizations and maintaining the cooperation with them. Also I’m responsible of rewarding culture and member services.

The most important channel of cooperation with guilds and INTO is the guild council, which I am the chair of. Guild. Council works as a link between primary members of Tampereen Teekkarit, and is a supporting pillar for all the chairs of board. Also I’ve been in touch with old and new endorsement members.

Within the rewarding culture, maybe the most visible part was to announce new Kelpo Teekkaris. Also I’ve been the contact person between our board and honorary committee, and taken care of the first year of operation of Teekkaripassi. Member services are a continually improving sub-area with lots of areas for improvement. This year I’ve been trying to bring the services up to members’ awareness a bit more.

This year, we had many projects on our action plan. I had the responsibility of project “stabilizing Teekkari council”. With that, I also took a role in orienting and refreshing activities of the council. Also I’ve been helping with strategy-and equality projects, and of course attending the boards meetings and other miscellaneous tasks. It has been great working together with the rest of the board in very versatile and interesting subjects and projects!