Applying to the dipping basket refurbish team is open!

Our beloved dipping baskets have seen the world for a long time now and made it possible for thousands of fuksis to become teekkaris. The baskets are starting to need a bit of renewal, in order to keep the tradition going strong for the upcoming years. 

We are looking for a team of 3-5 persons to take responsibility of the project of renewing the dipping baskets. The project will consist of, for example, preparing the project plan and a more specific schedule, finding out how the possible law reforms affect the dipping, and either looking for a renovator for the baskets or someone to make whole new baskets. The goal is, that the baskets would be renewed by the dipping of year 2023. 

The team will be working independently and gets to create their own plan for the project themselves and assign the duties as they see best. We are also looking for a team leader, so please inform if you have interest towards being the leader of the project team. The minister of culture will act as a link between the project team and the board of the Teekkari Union of Tampere. 

The team members are expected to be unprompted and active in advancing the project. Since the team is responsible for creating the framework of the project and the completion of it, the members have to be able to work independently. For applying for the team, you can either be a student or an alumni. Fuksis can not apply for this project.  

The reward if the project will be settled between the team and the board of the Teekkari Union. As an additional reward, all of the team members will get a chance to inaugurate the new baskets to use on the dipping day. For additional information of the project, be in contact with the minister of culture via email or telegram @jaitalaakso. 

The application for the team is open 14.02.2022-27.02.2022. After the application period the board of the Teekkari Union will interview the applicants and pick the team for the dipping basket project. 

Application closed.