There is no place for harassment in teekkari culture

Over the past weekend, there has come up cases in the social media about harassment, pressure to use alcohol and nudity, and abuse of authority in the teekkari community, that have happened during the past few years.

Teekkari culture does not involve any harassment, bullying or inappropriate activity and these things should not be looked through the fingers. However, we acknowledge that this has happened and therefore, as a teekkari community, we sincerely apologize to all those who have experienced any bad treatment. Good traditions are adhered to, while bad traditions are changed and removed. Teekkari culture is constantly being developed to be more equal, open and accessible.

However, work is in progress. Many discriminatory and inappropriate traditions and structures have already been dismantled, but there is still enough work to be done. Fortunately, support for the work is available from the student union, the university and national organizations. We promise to continue to work together more boldly to build a teekkari culture where grievances are observed.

Our teekkari community has a huge range of different people, united by a particular interest in technology and a teekkari cap. We want every member of the community to feel safe and welcome.

Picture: TT-Kamerat, Juha-Matti Hakojärvi