Minister of Fuksis

Hello, I am Eetu Hartikainen, Minister of Fuksis at Teekkari union of Tampere in 2021. At the beginning of the season, I expected to be able to chair the Fuksi Council and meet with the board. During the season, however, I ended up doing a lot more than that.

In the Fuksi Council, I have convened meetings, chaired them, organized fuksi council events and discussed fuksi culture. The meetings have covered, among other things, common guidelines of the Fuksi Council, the schedules of the orientation week, the ideation of events suitable for restrictions, the arrangements of the teekkari dipping and most recently, traditional live events. Of course, none of these have had to be done alone since the Fuksi Council has been involved in everything.

The fuksi passport and the supervision of the superfuksi competition are also strongly associated with the job. I was able to update the fuksi passport from the TUT times to the present day. In the Fuksi Council seminars, we went through the old fuksi passport, then the fuksi passport after the desired changes, and finally we wrote stamping instructions for the new passport. I also got to announce the superfuksis during Wappu and later organize the traditional “superfuksi rituals”

In addition to chairing the Fuksi Council, the Minister of Fuksis is a member of the Teekkari Union’s board. Among other things, I have been able to work on our strategy, develop the position of international students in the student community, discuss the future of new subject organizations, order overall badges and dipping shirts, monitor the teekkari dipping and have fun with the board on several occasions. I feel that I have been able to steer the past term very much to fit my strengths and interests.