3rd of September: the Fuksi Tour

Hi you fuksi!

Are you not from Tampere? Are you from Turku? Is the Tampere city centre like a labyrinth to you? Can you never find your way to the right bar? Are you from Tampere after all? Whatever your answers to these questions, the Fuksi Council will be organising just the event for you, the little fuksi, on Tuesday September 3rd.

Participate in the Fuksi Tour (free admission!) and learn everything you need to know about Hervanta and Tampere and their history! Enjoy a memorable bus ride together with your new fuksi friends! On the Tour you will sit down in a bus, enjoy the view of Tampere and listen to the stories of experienced guides. This is not an ordinary drab bus tour however but a ride that’s guaranteed to be a funny and heartwarming experience for all fuksis.

The Fuksi Tour will end at OT’s Syysfest at Särkänniemi! More info and how to get tickets at https://www.facebook.com/events/2303462219913446/

M! part from the Tietotalo bus stop at 15.00 and 16.30. Be on time because the buses cannot remain at the bus stop for too long! NB! And what does this cost? Absolutely nothing!

Unique fuksi points!