Suggest an acknowledgement!

The Board of Teekkari Union of Tampere has decided to award ”Teekkari of the year” and ”Teekkari representative of the year” acknowledgements to active members of our community. The definitions of the acknowledgements can be found below and suggestions can be submitted here until 3.12.. 

Teekkari of the year 

The teekkari of the year has participated actively in many sections of teekkari culture having had an impact on the well-being and enjoyment of other teekkaris. The teekkari of the year is the embodiment of a true teekkari.  

Awarded to: person 

Teekkari representative of the year 

The teekkari representative of the year has handled his/her duties as a representative exemplarily without shying away from the issues at hand. He/she has had active discussions inside and outside meetings.  

Awarded to: person/guild