Applicants to board 2021!

In this page you can get to know the applicants to board 2021! All applications are not in english unfortunately.


Ville-Pekka Frantsi: Chair of the Board
Roosa Mäkitalo: Chair of the Board
Jesse Varis: Minister of Teekkaris
Marikki Heiskanen: Minister of Teekkaris, Minister of Culture
Ari Oikari: Minister of Organizations
Anna-Reetta Eilola: Minister of Corporate Relations
Hanna Autio: Minister of Communications
Nonna Saarinen: Minister of Communications
Anniina Morelius: Minister of Culture, Minister of Corporate Relations
Tomi Tamminen: Minister of Organizations, Minister of Teekkaris, Minister of Culture
Antti Myllynen: Minister of Fuksis
Eetu Hartikainen: Minister of Fuksis
Roosa Herrala: Minister of Fuksis
Meiju Koivuniemi: Minister of Teekkaris, Minister of Culture
Noora Salmela: Minister of Organizations
Janna Peuranen: Minister of Finance
Salla-Mari Palokari: Minister of Teekkaris
Jussi Kekki: Minister of Oragnizations, Minister of Fuksis

Ville-Pekka Frantsi

Computing Science, 6th year

Chair of the Board


I am Ville-Pekka Frantsi, more commonly known as the V-P or Frantsi, a sixth-year information technology student. The flame of love for developing teekkari culture is still going strong, and it is not (yet) time to visit Neste to refuel.

I have dabbled in many positions in the teekkari community, such as in annual celebrations and events, in the Teekkari section, as an event manager, as the Minister of Teekkaris, as a nakki person, as well as a participant. In addition to the above I have been a member of boards of clubs in tasks such as that of the communications officer and chairman.

My relaxed and carefree attitude to life has made it possible to carry even large loads without anxiety to the finish. This year I have held two chairperson positions, both of which have been challenging in their own way; how to keep actors motivated? How to keep a club’s flag soaring when events that attract new members cannot be organized? My character and strength have been tested properly due to changes caused by the prevailing circumstances, but the eye of the storm is where I am the calmest.

During my versatile board years, I have taken in differing amounts of experience in large and small boards and their various practices. Administrative matters are also a familiar oat for me.

Last year, on the board of the Teekkari Union of Tampere, continued the same pattern as previous ones: it was the best year of my studies so far, despite the special conditions that prevailed around me. I want to be in the vanguard of making next year at least as enjoyable for all the teekkaris on the Hervanta campus in these difficult times. I want to make the cooperation and interaction between the Teekkari council and the board of the Union more transparent and functional. I want to carry my own weight in the 2021 iteration of the best possible teekkari community.

I have an enthusiasm for developing teekkari culture in Tampere.
I have a vision to take the teekkari community in Tampere the next step forward.
I have the necessary experience and know-how to lead the board.

I am applying to form the board and to be the next chairperson of the Teekkari Union of Tampere. I want to share the same dose of teekkari culture that I have received with other technology students as well as fuksis and inspire them to surpass themselves and to work together for the benefit of the whole teekkari community in Tampere. The continuing effort to update the reward culture is one of the keys to inspiring new applicants to engage in guild activities, club activities, and engaging in teekkari culture.

We are in an on-going cultural upheaval, and I’m going to ensure that the board piloted by my iron fist leads teekkari culture in Tampere towards a more transparent and more rewarding direction without forgetting the old, working traditions and social winds that blow around us.

Teekkari culture has given me a lot. I want to be involved in ensuring that the teekkaris and teekkari-minded people of the future get at least as much back.

It is not yet time to stop sharing the gospel of teekkarius.

Roosa Mäkitalo

5th year

Chair of the Board

Jesse Varis

Tuotantotalous, 5th year

Minister of Teekkaris

Marikki Heiskanen

Ympäristö- ja energiatekniikka 4th year

Minister of Teekkaris, Minister of Culture

Ari Oikari

Rakennustekniikka, 5th year

Minister of Organizations

Anna-Reetta Eilola

Ympäristö- ja energiatekniikka, 3rd year

Minister of Corporate Relations

Hanna Autio

Arkkitehtuuri, 3rd year

Minister of Communications

Nonna Saarinen

Teknis-luonnontieteellinen, 5th year



I’m Nonna, 5th year physics student from Hiukkanen. I apply to be the minister of communications for next year because I have plenty of experience with different communications related positions and I’m also very keen to improve the communications of Tampereen Teekkarit.

I have been an active member of our guild’s board since my fuksi autumn, when I applied to be our guild’s nakkifuksi. This position helped me become familiar with how the board works and I felt that board work was the right place for me to be. After that autumn I have applied to our guild’s board every year, and every year I have been a part of our board. I have worked as a graphic designer, informational official, fuksi official, guild master and editor-in-chief, so I have gathered lot of experience from different fields. I have also worked as a graphic designer and informational official at TTEPO.

In addition, this year I have worked as Teekkari Section’s communications official. During my year there I have expanded my knowledge of communications that consider the whole teekkari community instead of only working with guild and club communications. I have also worked tightly with this year’s minister of communications, and I have already been responsible for some of the graphic materials of Tampereen Teekkarit. Therefore, I can say that this job is somewhat familiar to me, and it would be easy for me to continue with the communications and to recognize and fix things that need attention.

As a person I’m pretty laid back, but still exact and efficient. I do not take things too seriously, but I do my work with care and in time. I like to (over)correct my texts, graphics and whatnot, but I have learned to let go (almost) in time with these things. I like to visualize my ideas, and graphic designing is a nice break from studies.

I believe that I’m the right person for this position, and I know that I have experience and also skills that will help me to success in this position. Teekkari culture has been close to my heart since fuksi year, and next year I would love to improve and to take care of it on behalf of the whole teekkari community – without teekkari culture my path (and I believe many else’s path) through university years would not have been as amazing!

Anniina Morelius

Tuotantotalous, 4th year

Minister of Culture, Minister of Corporate Relations

Tomi Tamminen

Materiaalitekniikka, 5th year

Minister of Organizations, Minister of Teekkaris, Minister of Culture

Antti Myllynen

Tuotantotalous, 3rd year

Minister of Fuksis

Eetu Hartikainen

Automaatiotekniikka, 3rd year

Minister of Fuksis

Roosa Herrala

Materiaalitekniikka, 3rd year

Minister of Fuksis

Meiju Koivuniemi

Bioteknologia, n. year

Minister of Teekkaris, Minister of Culture

Noora Salmela

Materiaalitekniikka, 4th year

Minister of Organizations

Janna Peuranen

Konetekniikka, 5th year

Minister of Finance

Salla-Mari Palokari

Tietojohtaminen, 5th year

Minister of Teekkaris

Jussi Kekki

Tietotekniikka, n. vks

Järjestömestari, Fuksimestari