Hey you there! Teekkari Union of Tampere needs you!

The year in the Board of Teekkari Union of Tampere is a unique way to spend a year at the university! During the year you will get new friends, unforgettable experiences and skills that are priceless in working life. So what are you waiting for? Apply for the Board of Teekkari Union of Tampere!

On this page you will find all the information about applying to the Board.

Fill the application!

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Schedule for the application process

You can apply for the Board until 28th of November. Mark the following events to your calendar if you’re interested in applying!

  • 12th of November at 14: Teekkari Union of Tampere tells about its actions and the Board itself
  • 28th of November: last day to apply for the board via the form
  • 29th of November at 14: Panel for the applicants (place confirmed later)
  • 3rd of December at 16 Festia big hall: First meeting of the Teekkari Council, election of the Board 2019
Sector introductions

The main sectors of board positions of Teekkari Union of Tampere are introduced here. Since the union is young and finding how things should be done, the sector names and tasks might be changed. The most important thing is that the applicants want to do things for teekkari community!

Chair of the Board

Main tasks of the Chair of the Board are leading the board, hold the board meetings and represent the union. The Chair of the Board forms the big picture of the actions of the union and develops it together with the board. The chair is in touch with the other teekkari organizations, interest groups, and the founding members. 

Main tasks: 

  • Lead and develop the actions of the union with the board 
  • Hold the board meetings, summon the council meetings, and prepare the materials for the council 
  • Writing the action plan of the following year and annual report of the year  
  • Is in touch with interest groups and represents the union 

Minister of Finance

Minister of Finance is responsible of the financial actions of the union. As a Minister of Finance, you have an opportunity to see and experience the most important projects of teekkari culture and make sure that all the plans can be carried out in terms of financial resources. You will learn about long term project planning and about the financial issues of the union. You will be taught by the old and wise with professional touch. 

Main tasks: 

  • Budgeting and long-term financial planning 
  • Accounting, bills, payments 
  • Following other sectors in financial point of views 
  • Budget for the following year and financial statement 

Minister of Organizations

Minister of Organizations surveys and develops services for the members of the union. Minister meets the members and plans the action of the union together with them. In general, Minister of Organizations takes care of the co-operation of teekkari unions and keeps in touch with the teekkari council. Minister of Organizations also develops the culture of rewarding. 

Main tasks:

  • Developing the services of members 
  • Meeting the members 
  • Cooperation of teekkari organizations 
  • Keeping contact to the council 
  • Developing the culture of rewarding

Minister of Fuksis

Every fuksi that studies technologies will grow to a genuine teekkari of Tampere. As a Minister of Fuksis, you are responsible of organizing education of teekkari culture together with all the fuksi captains! The biggest fuksi events are organized by Minister of Fuksis. Minister of Fuksis also designs the fuksi passport and super fuksi competition. 

Main tasks: 

  • Organizing the biggest fuksi events, such as Fuksi kyykkä, fuksi sitsis 
  • Making of fuksi passport and organizing the super fuksi competition 
  • Leading the Fuksi Council 
  • Coordinating the orientation week in autumn 

Minister of Teekkaris

Minister of Teekkaris is in charge of teekkari culture in Tampere: how it will develop and look like in future. She is also responsible for teekkari section, maintaining the teekkari cap culture, keeping in touch with other teekkari cities and maintaining the teekkari culture of Tampere and developing it with the board. Maintaining the teekkari cap culture means ordering the caps and coordinating handing out of the caps in the spring and opening the selling of caps in autumn. Minister of Teekkaris also admits the permissions of using the teekkari cap around the year. Minister of Teekkaris is also in touch with teekkari section of Otaniemi, Teekkarikomissio of Turku, and Engineering Students Union of Oulu.  

Main tasks: 

  • Leading the teekkari section 
  • Taking care of teekkari cap matters 
  • Co-operation with teekkari communities in Finland 
  • Maintaining teekkari traditions in Tampere

Minister of Culture

Minister of Culture is in charge of the wappu events of teekkaris in spring and the anniversary party of teekkaris of Tampere in autumn. Things to do in wappu are cooperation with authorities with permission applications, and the events itself: Capping, Fuksi parade and Teekkari dipping. There will be project secretaries helping with these events. The anniversary party in autumn is organized to celebrate the long journey of teekkaris of Tampere. 

Main tasks: 

  • Organizing of the Teekkariwappu 
  • Coordinating of project employees 
  • Organizing the annual gala of teekkaris of Tampere 
  • Maintaining of sitsis culture of teekkaris of Tampere 

Minister of Communications

Minister of Communications updates the social media accounts and takes care of the communication to members. She also acts as a secretary in the Board. Minister of Communications is responsible for union’s visual look and gets to develop it. During the first year of the union, Minister of Communications is responsible for making the communication plan and developing social media accounts. 

Main tasks: 

  • Graphics and visual look 
  • Documentation of the union’s action 
  • Updating the social media accounts  
  • Communication and maintaining the email lists 
  • Acting as a secretary 

Minister of Corporate Relations

Are you always in good mood, good with talking to people, and interested in forming professional networks? As a Minister of Corporate Relations, you get to act in between of teekkari culture and high technology corporations, building connections. As a Minister of Corporate Relations, you are in charge of working life contacts of the union, coordinating the selling of different events and concepts and communicating of different cooperation possibilities. Teekkari alumni network is quite large, so you will also get to know the old and wise, so you won’t have to start from scratch. 

Main tasks: 

  • Corporation meetings 
  • Coordinating the seller groups 
  • Co-operation with alumnis 
  • Coordinating the working life events