Order of Merit recievers!

On Friday 11.12.2020 at the annual party of 55-year-old Teekkari Union of Tampere gave six Order of Merits, the receivers are

Tiina Mikkonen
Masi Kajander
Mikko Koivula
Aliisa Saari
Juha-Matti Väisänen
Lauri Sahramaa

Congratulations to all!

The annual party gala was streamed, and the stream is available here.

The program and times in the video are:

The annual party begins 00:05:11
Master of Seremony’s staff’s revealing 00:06:40
Greetings begin 00:10:06
Ceremony Speech 00:54:00
Teekkarisäätiö’s greetings and stipends 1:12:50
Reviev into Teekkari history with quiz 1:30:20
Order od Merits 1:49:30
Thank you speech 1:58:00

Thank you to all who participated, congratulations to all who received a stipend or a order of merit and happy Christmas to everyone!