2nd of November: 54 years of teekkaris of Tampere!

It was the end of 15th century. Arts, science and technology were not something that ruled each other out. Leonardo da Vinci knew that, after all, he is known as an artist, researcher of anatomics and engineer. During renaissance da Vinci developed lots of inventions, and most of them could not even be made in his lifetime. Some of these inventions were e.g. helicopter, solar power plant and tank.

It is the end of 2019. Teekkaris of Tampere are celebrating their 54th year as reborn and transitioned to modernity, and we want to invite you to celebrate with us. The gala takes place in Ravintola Ziberia (Itäinenkatu 9) on Saturday November 2nd at 18.00. After gala, the celebration continues in place X. The party does not end on Saturday, it continues with a brunch on Sunday November 3rd in Bommari at noon! Brunch is included in the gala ticket, but brunch tickets are sold separately with 12 € price. Events are accessible.

Ticket sale for both gala and brunch starts on September 16th at 12.00 in Teekkari Union of Tampere’s web shop (https://holvi.com/shop/tampereenteekkarit/) and it’s open until October 2nd 12.00 or until the tickets are sold out. The price of ticket is 90 € for students and 110 € for graduated. It’s also possible to purchase a ticket of 150 €, with which you can support the actions of the union.

Dress code is white tie with decorations.

If you have any questions about the gala, please don’t hesitate to contact kulttuurimestari(a)tampereenteekkarit.fi.

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